FMCS Outreach Committee

Chair: Jennifer Archambault - North Carolina State University
Co-Chair: Amy Maynard - Virginia Dept. Inland Fisheries

Statement of Organization and Purpose

The mission of the Outreach Committee is to inform the public and other interested parties about the unique biology and ecology of mollusks and why their conservation is important. Freshwater mollusks live out their lives on the bottom of our nation's streams, but they have fascinating and important stories to tell us about biology, ecosystems, and the precious fresh water that we all share and depend upon for survival. We can even learn something about ourselves by uncoding their story. The Outreach committee is always seeking outgoing, fun, and dependable individuals to help deliver this message to people and increase the visibility of FMCS. This committee is perfect for a "people-person." and educators. Are you interested in telling people about the amazing life of freshwater mollusks?

Photo of display Photo of display Photo of display Photo of display with people

Projects and Activities

The committee has developed a portable display to be used to promote the society. It was unveiled at the American Fisheries Society meeting in Madison, Wisconsin in 2004. The display is still used today for outreach events and meetings and can be reserved by contacting the outreach committee chairs. (You can leave the existing pictures under this text).