Common and Scientific Names of Freshwater Mollusks

The Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society (FMCS) maintains lists of common and scientific names of freshwater gastropods and bivalves. Both lists cover native species of the United States and Canada. The lists maintained by FMCS serve as a consensus of accepted names and are a resource for conservation practitioners, hobbyists, scientists, and the public. The reason for maintaining names lists are simple: science moves fast and new species are described almost every month. Taxonomic changes to described species are also common. In contrast, these lists are semi-stable. These lists serve to support stability and promote effective communication about freshwater mollusks. These lists are periodically published by FMCS, and the next printing is anticipated in 2025.



The foundation of these lists are the peer-reviewed papers of Johnson et al. (2013) and Williams et al. (2017) for gastropods and bivalves respectively. Every two years, coinciding with the FMCS biannual symposium, the FMCS names subcommittees meet to update the lists. The names subcommittees consist of experts on mollusks and taxonomy. At each meeting, petitions to change the list are reviewed and voted on by subcommittee members. In 2019, the lists were updated based on decisions made about petitions submitted prior to the meeting.

Formal guidelines and procedures of the names subcommittees can be found HERE.

Anyone can submit a name change using the following form HERE. All petitions will be voted on at the meeting after they are received.

Please visit the names lists for more information.