Scientific and Common Names of Freshwater Gastropods of the US and Canada

Summary of changes made in 2019 to the Johnson et. al. (2013) list.
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Chair: Paul D. Johnson (Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources)

Voting Members: Nathan V. Whelan (United States Fish and Wildlife Service),
Jeffrey T. Garner (Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources),
Ellen E. Strong (National Museums of Natural History),
Kathryn Perez (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley),
Kenneth Hayes (Pacific Biosciences Research Center),
David M. Hayes (Eastern Kentucky University)

Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society (FMCS). 2019.
The 2019 checklist of freshwater gastropods (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionida) of the United States and Canada. Considered and approved by the Gastropod Names Subcommittee 14 April 2019.