Genetics Committee

Chairs: Dave Zanatta - Central Michigan University
Co-chair: Kevin Roe - Iowa State University

Statement of Organization and Purpose

There are three main duties of the Genetics Committee; these relate to systematics, population genetics, and aquaculture/captive propagation.

Projects and Activities

The current activities of the Genetics Committee are as follows. Further development of the use of DNA barcoding for identification of provisional species. Few (a Science Citation Index search of “DNA barcoding” & either mollusk, mussel, or snail revealed only one citation) papers have reported use of this methodology.
Further development of nondestructive tissue sampling techniques is desirable. Several papers have reported development of these techniques; we should work to standardize them.
Creation of best practices “1-pagers.” These short documents would address topics such as vouchering of specimens, value of sampling at type localities, DNA barcoding, genetic concerns in creation of captive, augmented, and restored populations, etc. We plan to start the first of these, focused on sampling of type localities and barcoding from these localities, through an online effort using Google Docs. This has not yet begun.