About the Symposium

Committees & Contacts

Symposium Chair:

Catherine Gatenby, US Fish and Widlife Service, Catherine_gatenby@fws.gov, 304-536-1361


Dick Neves, mussel@vt.edu, 540-231-5927

Jürgen Geist, Functional Aquatic Ecology and Fish Biology, TU München-Weihenstephan, geist@wzw.tum.de, Tel.: 08161-713767

Cristian Altaba, University of the Balearic Islands, cra@ono.com, +34 670 058224 (cellular)


Joyce Barkley, Virgina Tech and St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, barkleyj@vt.edu and David Wolf, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation, DavidWolf@ctuir.com, 541-966-2532.

Local Arrangements

Julie Devers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, julie_devers@fws.gov, 410 573-4508

Cristi Bishop, EA Engineering, Cbishop@eaest.com, 410-598-7545 (cell)

Program Chair

Patty Morrison, US Fish and Wildlife Service, patricia_morrison@fws.gov, 304 375-2923 x124


Tom Jones, Marshall University, jonest@marshall.edu

Andy Roberts, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Andy_Roberts@fws.gov, 573 234-2132 x110

Matthew Patterson, US Fish and Wildlife Service, matthew_patterson@fws.gov, 304-536-1361


Cristi Bishop EA Engineering, Cbishop@eaest.com, 410-598-7545 (cell)

Teresa Newton, US Geological Survey, teresa_newton@usgs.gov

Lisie Kitchell, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Lisie.Kitchel@Wisconsin.gov


Barb Douglas, US Fish and Wildlife Service, barbara_douglas@fws.gov, 304 636-6586 x19

Janet Clayton, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, janetclayton@wvdnr.gov, 304-637-0245

Sponsorship: Catherine Gatenby, Dick Neves, and Steve Ahlstedt


Dawn McCoy, Continuing and Professional Education, Virginia Tech, dawnmc@vt.edu, 540 231-1779.

Field Trips:

Cindy Kane, Museums in DC

Brian Watson, Field Trip to River
VA Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries
(434) 525-7522, ext. 114, Cell: (434) 941-5990, E-mail: Brian.Watson@dgif.virginia.gov

Hatcheries Field Trip: Rachel Mair, US Fish and Wildlife Service, rachel_mair@fws.gov, 304-536-1361