Systematic Research Collections (Recent & Fossil Mollusca) - museum collections, curators, and collection managers from around the world (maintained by Kevin Cummings, INHS)

Illinois Natural History Mollusk Collection -
searchable collection database (maintained by Christine Mayer & Kevin Cummings, INHS)


Bibliographies, journals, newsletters...

Freshwater Mollusk Bibliography -
A searchable database of over 11,000 citations on freshwater mollusks worldwide. Compiled by Kevin Cummings, INHS, Champaign, Art Bogan, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Tom Watters, Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity, and Chris Mayer, INHS, Champaign

Molluscan Journals -
A list of the "Instructions for Authors" from a variety of malacological journals, Claus Hedegaard (, Museum of Paleontology, Valley Life Sciences Building, University of California, Berkeley, California


Photos and videos

Unio Gallery - Chris Barnhart, Missouri State University - mussel life history with awesome photos, video, and more!

Aquatic Epidemiology and Conservation Laboratory –
Jay Levine and Chris Eads – NC State University – Life cycle videos and photographs of North Carolina’s freshwater mussels

Regional guides, checklists, keys, surveys....


Freshwater Gastropods of North America Project - Information of the FWGNA Project spearheaded by Rob Dillon, College of Charleston.

Freshwater Mussels of the Midwest -
Kevin Cummings & Christine Mayer, INHS

Field Guide to the Freshwater Snails of Florida -
Dr. Fred Thompson, Florida Museum of Natural History

Northeast Florida Aquatic Mollusk Checklist -
Harry Lee's inventory of the freshwater (including estuarine*) mollusks collected in Northeast Florida (the counties of Nassau, Duval, Clay, and St. Johns) by Harry G. Lee from 1975 to present.

Checklist of the Aquatic Mollusca of Illinois -
Kevin Cummings & Christine Mayer, INH

Freshwater Mussel Surveys in New Jersey -
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

North Carolina Atlas of Freshwater Mussels and Endangered Fishes -
John Alderman, Judy Johnson, & LeighAnn McDougal, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Texas Mussel Watch -
Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Nature Trackers Program

Dallas, Texas Freshwater Mussels -
Very nice photos from the North Texas Conchological Society

Field Guide to Survey and Manage Freshwater Mollusk Species (Oregon & Washington) -
Terry Frest & Edward J. Johannes (scroll down for a pdf file of the Field Guide)

Aquatic Epidemiology and Conservation Laboratory
North Carolina State University - Freshwater Mussels

Freshwater Mussels of the Upper Mississippi River

Book orderAlabama: New Publication of the Geological Survey of Alabama State Oil and Gas Board- 'Watershed Assessment of the Terrapin Creek System for Recovery and Restoration of Rare Mussel Species'
Geological Survey of Alabama Bulletin 187 By: Rebecca A. Bearden, Patrick E. O'Neil, Stuart W. McGregor, E. Anne Wynn, Gregory H. Pierce, and David G. Herder


Mussels of Venezuela -
Kevin Cummings & Christine Mayer, INHS

Freshwater Molluscan Shells -
Martin Kohl. Very nice pictures of South American species.

Freshwater Bivalves of Poland - Association of Polish Malacologists

Checklist of Austrian Mollusca -
Wolfgang Fischer, Vienna. This list was first published by P.L. Reischutz (1998) in Nachrichtenblatt der Ersten Vorarlberger Malakologischen Gesellschaft 6: 31-44.

The Malacological Society of London Molluscan Forum

Checklist of New Zealand Mollusca - Andrew Spurgeon


Endangered species

Teaching Ressources
All about Malacology: Collection of Resources - A collection of malacology teaching resources for different age groups.
Molluscan glossary - Nature Mapping's compilation of molluscan terms

Professional societies

American Malacological Society (AMS)

Conchologists of America (COA)

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Society for Conservation Biology



UNIO Listserv an unmoderated Internet listserver focusing on the biology, ecology and evolution of freshwater unionid mussels. The list is sponsored by the U.S. FWS ( or
To join send a blank email message to

The "Conchologists of America has established the Conch-List, CONCH-L, the first Listserv expressly for shell collectors." "Conch-L will provide a forum for conchologists, indeed, for anyone with an interest in mollusks, to discuss any topic related to conchology."

Molluscan Evolution Listserver
The Mollusca listserv is probably the best source for online academic discussions on mollusks. This site has information on the discussion group, subscription instructions, and an archive of posted messages

Commercial musseling

Pearls -
U.S. Geological Survey


Exotic species

New York Sea Grant National Zebra Mussel & Aquatic Nuisance Species Clearinghouse

Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force -
Another task force with many tasks -
The Nation's Invasive Species Information System

Invasive Species Program of the USFWS -
A busy bunch these



Surf Your Watershed - Information on rivers across the U.S.

USGS Surface Water Data -
Real Time data on stream flow, etc.

American Rivers -
Information on stream conservation


ACME Mapper -
Maps of the world with topographic coverage of the United States.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names -
A searchable place names database from the Getty Research Institute.

- Information on a wide variety of topics for all of the counties in the U.S.

NASA's Visable Earth -
Cool maps from the guys and gals at NASA



North American Native Fishes Association - NANFA is dedicated to the enjoyment, study and conservation of the continent's native fishes

American Society of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists (ASIH)

American Fisheries Society (AFS)

USGS Nonindigenous Fish Distribution Information

Link pages

Links to All Provincial and State Wildlife Agencies - A great link site from NANFA
Zoological Record - Mollusks links from the Zoological Record Home Page

Digital library of learning resources for veterinary professionals and people with an interest in animal welfare