2007 Symposium Pictures

March 14 - Raffle

Very popular auction items -
hand carved wooden fish made by Dick Biggins
Tara Muenz signs, "Word, these fish 'r fly!"
(Er, um, at least that is this Midwesterner's best translation
of street sign...)

Leighann Gipson purchases raffle tickets from
Josh Seagraves (in apron)
Greg Cope, Kurt Welke, Betty Crump and Art Bogan
(pictured left to right)

Mike Davis can't hide his feelings about this raffle item "Start a library" raffle item

Mystery Box auction item
Angie Zimmerman and Greg Zimmerman

(unidentified person #1)
Kurt Welke starts the raffle

Steve McMurray, Betty Crump (behind Steve) and Betty Ashcraft
(pictured left to right)

Jay Levine, Kurt Welke, Betty Crump and Angie Zimmerman

Chris Davidson, Kurt Welke and Kevin Cummings
Todd Fobian and Carla Atkinson

Lisie Kitchel monitors raffle items and winners
Kurt Welke and Steve Ahlstedt

Who will offer highest bid for Anka - The River Protector ...
... Susan Oetker!

Al Christian
Carson Stringfellow and Tara Muenz
(front to back) (Tara Muenz's photograph)

Daelyn Woolnough and Dave Zanatta
Rebecca Winterringer

Karen Herrington opens the "Mystery Box"  ...
...  !

Steve explains there is "Mojo" in those doll heads I think Karen feels some mojo ...

The mojo worked. Look what else showed up in the Mystery Box! Betty Crump got her favorite fish carving

Catherine Gatenby
Auction proceeds table Greg Zimmerman pays Teresa Newton and Heidi Dunn (pictured left to right)

Paul Hartfield (with beard) explains the interesting background on this chair

Paul Freeman

Photos by Mark Hove