2007 Symposium Pictures

March 13 - Poster sessions

Paul Hartfield, Al Buchanan and Chris Barnhart
(pictured in foreground left to right)

Mike Davis, Gary Wege and Susan Oetker
(pictured left to right)

Kathryn Perez, Andrew Norwood(?) and Russ Minton
(pictured left to right)
(unidentified person #1), (unidentified person #2)
and  Zachary Beussink (pictured left to right)

(unidentified person #3), Jay Levine(?) and Missy Petty
(pictured in foreground left to right)

Kevin Cummings and Dan Graf

Dan Allen and his and Caryn Vaughn's prize-winning poster
Caryn Vaughn and (unidentified person #4)
(pictured left to right)

Jeane Serb and Kathryn Perez (pictured left to right)

Cianna Pender and Tara Muenz
(pictured left to right) (photographer-Steve Golladay)

Umm, keep your feet on your side of the partition
(Tara Muenz's photograph)

Dan Hua
Lora Zimmerman, Missy Petty, Jess Jones and Dick Neves
(pictured left to right)

Jack Burch and Lori Tolley-Jordan(?) (pictured left to right)

(unidentified person #5) and Emily Hartfield
(pictured left to right) (photographer-Paul Hartfield)

(Other photographs by Mark Hove)


The ceramic slug, a great conversation piece
(unidentified person #6), Betty Crump, Kurt Welke
and (unidentified person #7) (pictured left to right)

(unidentified person #6) helped sell tickets and supports FMCS activities with her purchase of raffle tickets

Raffle items
Michael Baird makes his decision

Raffle items

Raffle items

Raffle items

Tara Muenz considers raffle items

Raffle items

Everyone, including Mark Hove, wants "Anka,
The River Protector" (photographer-Tara Muenz)

"Anka, help us!"

(Other photographs by Mark Hove)