2007 Symposium Pictures

March 12 - Pre-meeting mixer

Pre-meeting mixer
Band - Runaway Planet

It was a beautiful night (unidentified person #1), Dan Kelner,
Stephanie Chance,
Mike Davis, Gary Wege, Don Hubbs (pictured left to right)

Runaway Planet Emy Monroe and Kurt Welke

Greg Zimmerman, Heidi Dunn, Patty Morrison,
Janet Clayton and Tony Brady (pictured left to right)
Runaway Planet
(photographer-Tara Muenz)

(unidentified person #2), (unidentified person #3),
(unidentified person #4),
Al Christian, and (unidentified person #5) (pictured left to right)
Stephany (?), (unidentified person #6), Art Bogan,
(unidentified person #7), (unidentified person #8) and (back of unidentified person #9) (pictured left to right)

Photos by Mark Hove