FMCS Columbus/Chattanooga Symposium Proceedings


Copies of the "Freshwater Mollusk Symposia Proceedings" edited by Tankersley, Warmolts, Watters, Armitage, Johnson, and Butler are now available. The volume contains papers from the "Conservation, Captive Care, and Propagation of Freshwater Mussels Symposium" held in Columbus, Ohio in 1998 and the "First Freshwater Mussel Conservation Society Symposium" held in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1999. Copies (hardbound) can be purchased for $40 (+ shipping and handling) from the Ohio Biological Survey.

Freshwater Mollusk Symposia Proceedings

Tankersley, R.A., D.I. Warmolts, G.T. Watters, B.J. Armitage, P.D. Johnson, and R.S. Butler (editors). 2000. Freshwater Mollusk Symposia Proceedings. Ohio Biological Survey, Columbus, Ohio. xxi + 274 p.


Part I. Proceedings of the Conservation, Captive Care, and Propagation of Freshwater Mussels Symposium

Oxygen consumption by juvenile Pyganodon cataracta (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in response to declining oxygen tension. R.V. Dimock, Jr.

A protocol for the salvage and quarantine of unionid mussels from zebra mussel-infested waters. Gatenby, C.M., P.A. Morrison, R.J. Neves, M.A Patterson, and B.C. Parker

The correlation of mussels with fish in the upper Blanchard River in Hardin and Hancock counties, Ohio, with special regard to the rayed bean (Villosa fabalis). Hoggarth, M.A., D.L. Rice, and T.L. Grove

Considerations for conducting host suitability studies. Hove, M.C., K.R. Hillegass, J.E. Kurth, V.E. Pepi, C.J. Lee, K.A. Knudsen, A.R. Kapuscinski, P.A. Mahoney, and M. Bomier

Reproductive seasonality of freshwater mussels (Unionidae) in Texas. Howells, R.G.

Augmentation of natural reproduction by freshwater mussels to sustain shell harvest. Hubbs, D.

Reintroduction of native freshwater mussels using in vivo and in vitro propagation techniques. Milam, C.D., J.L. Farris, M.L. Barfield, J. Van Hassel, and L.D. Yocum

In vitro transformation of Lampsilis siliquoidea: A suitable species for glochidial and juvenile research. Myers-Kinzie, M.

Use of on-site refugia to protect unionid populations from zebra mussel-induced mortality. Nichols, S.J., M.G. Black, and J.D. Allen

New or confirmed host identifications for ten freshwater mussels. O'Dee, S.H., and G.T. Watters

Host suitability and utilization in Venustaconcha ellipsiformis and Venustaconcha pleasii (Bivalvia: Unionidae) from the Ozark region. Riusech, F.A., and M.C. Barnhart

Differential sensitivity of hooked (Utterbackia imbecillis) and hookless (Megalonaias nervosa) glochidia to chemical and mechanical stimuli (Bivalvia: Unionidae). Shadoan, M.K., and R.V. Dimock, Jr.

Investigations of the byssal gland in juvenile unionids. Smith, D.G.

Growth and survival of juvenile and adult freshwater mussels in the Partitioned Aquaculture System. Starkey, R.W., A.G. Eversole, and D.E. Brune

Fluorescence techniques for evaluating the lipid content of larval and juvenile mussels. Tankersley, R.A.

Design, construction, and evaluation of a laboratory-scale recirculating aquaculture system for the captive care of freshwater mussels. Tankersley, R.A., and S. Butz

Glochidial release as a function of water temperature: Beyond bradyticty and tachyticty. Watters, G.T., and S.H. O'Dee

Part II. Proceedings of the First Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Symposium

Nitrogen and phosphorus cycling by freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in a headwater stream ecosystem. William R. Davis, Alan D. Christian, and David J. Berg.

A survey of the pleurocerid snails of South Carolina. Robert T. Dillion, Jr., and Eugene P. Keferl

Development of strategies for sampling freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae). Heidi L. Dunn

Evaluation of recent unionid (Bivalvia) relocations and suggestions for future relocations and reintroductions. Heidi L. Dunn, Bernard E. Sietman, and Daniel E. Kelner

Viability of glochidia of Utterbackia imbecillis (Bivalvia: Unionidae) following their removal from the parental mussel. Ginger R. Fisher, and Ronald V. Dimock, Jr.

The recent decline of the native mussels (Unionidae) of Copper Creek, Russell and Scott Counties, Virginia. Stephen J. Fraley, and Steven A. Ahlstedt
The utility of DNA sequences to aid the identification of rare or problematic species of freshwater mussels. Kevin J. Roe

How much excavation is needed to monitor freshwater mussels? David R. Smith, Rita F. Villella, David P. Lemarié and S. von Oettingen

Effect of flow rate and temperature on algal uptake by freshwater mussels. Kevin R. Stuart, Arnold G. Eversole, and David E. Brune

Changes in the mussel fauna of the middle Red River drainage: 1910 - present. Caryn C. Vaughn

Results of a survey for selected species of Hydrobiidae (Gastropoda) in Georgia and Florida. Charles N. Watson, Jr.

No premating reproductive isolation among populations of a simultaneous hermaphrodite, the freshwater snail Physa. Amy R. Wethington, Edward R. Eastman, and Robert T. Dillion, Jr.

Competitive interactions between early life stages of Villosa iris (Bivalvia: Unionidae) and adult Asian clams (Corbicula fluminea). Mindy M. Yeager, Richard J. Neves, and Donald S. Cherry

Special Contribution. Freshwater Mollusks as Indicators of Water Quality

Freshwater mussels and water quality: A review of the effects of hydrologic and instream habitat alterations. G. Thomas Watters