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Freshwater Mollusk Biology and Conservation

We invite and accept manuscripts for publication in the online-only Society journal. Issues are published two times per year, in March and September. Anyone may submit a manuscript to the journal, however, all non-member authors are encouraged to become a member of the Society to help defer the costs of publication. There are no page charges for publishing in Freshwater Mollusk Biology and Conservation (FMBC).

Aims and Scope

FMBC publishes original papers that further our knowledge of freshwater mollusk biology or enhance our ability to conserve these animals. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to, community ecology, population biology, reproduction and host use, physiology, genetics, biogeography, toxicology, impact assessments, conservation or management case studies, and methodological advances. Phylogenetic papers are welcome, but FMBC does not publish species descriptions. Purely descriptive papers or survey results are acceptable but the heuristic value and relevance of these observations must be made clear. For example, surveys must 1) report information on areas for which no previous survey information was available, 2) improve the quality or scope of existing information, or 3) examine faunal changes based on comparison with previous surveys; simple lists of taxa encountered are not acceptable. Manuscripts are accepted as Regular Research Articles, Notes, and Book Reviews. All manuscript categories, except book reviews, will be subject to rigorous peer-review.


Author Instructions should be carefully followed during manuscript preparation.

All manuscripts must be submitted via the Allen Press PeerTrack Editorial Manager HERE

During submission, you will be asked to provide the names and e-mail contact information for up to 3 individuals who may provide a thorough and impartial peer review of the manuscript. In addition, all manuscripts should be accompanied by a cover letter that 1) describes the significance of the work and 2) states the originality of the work and that the manuscript is not currently under consideration by another journal.

Journal Access

There is open-access for everyone to all issues (Current and Archived) of FMBC and to the two previous names under which the journal was formerly published, Walkerana—The Journal of the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society and Walkerana.